Master Thesis

A number of years ago I wrote my master thesis.  However, I never shared the actual results nor the thesis itself on a larger scale.  Which is unfortunate as I think the findings of the research might be useful to those interested.   The first link is the PDF copy of the paper, and the second is the data collected from the questionnaire.

The findings of my research did get presented as “So Many Developers, So Many Projects: Toward a Motivation-Based Theory of Project Selection” during the 17th Americas Conference on Information Systems 2011 (AMCIS 2011, Proceedings of a meeting held 4-8 August 2011, Detroit, Michigan, USA.).  This conference paper provides a summary of the findings as presented in my thesis as well as a separate conclusion.


Below is the abstract of my thesis:

This paper presents the research on the motivation of Open Source developers and the influence of the motivational factors on the choice of license restrictiveness. The research results in a detailed description of Open Source software development, a literature review resulting in an integral framework for theoretical and conceptual model and the questionnaire to measure the conceptual model. The integral framework is an improvement of models used in current literature, and both the conceptual model and questionnaire can be used for future research. The results of the performed survey shows motivational factors held by the developers (control in community, altruism, goals of project, self-marketing and reputation) to be of influence on the choice of license restrictiveness.
Keywords: Open Source, motivation of developers, license restrictiveness, questionnaire

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