Restoring files from TimeMachine backup on Synology

I have a large Time Machine backup on my Synology NAS and wanted to restore files from it to a computer other than the source of the backup. In fact, I wanted to only get (unknown) incremental changes from the backup. Because it was a separate computer I was not able to use the Apple interface easily plus I wasn’t sure what the incremental changes were. And so I was planning to use Unison with a forced direction to get all the latest files from a 2TB backup. Initially I mounted the sparsebundle backup image on the destination computer, unsurprisingly running Unison on this was extremely slow as Unison needed to read the 2TB over a Wifi connection. Next I thought it would be faster to mount the sparsebundle on the Synology and have a instance of Unison go through the files locally while communicating with another instance of Unison on the destination computer.

Below is a write up of how the time machine sparsebundle can be mounted in the Debian Chroot environment of the Synology, using sparsebundlefs and tmfs. This could be useful for others that want to access their Time Machine backup information directly from the Synology NAS side.
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