Polar running-data in Excel

I’ve been using the Polar RS200sd running computer for about 2,5 years now. Only recently I started using polarpersonaltrainer.com as I couldn’t upload the data before (thank you Crossover for Mac!). Unfortunately I didn’t like the web-interface; it didn’t show me all the info and I couldn’t export it to Excel files. Luckily I found a program that converts the Polar SonicLink audio in CSV files, which Excel or any other spreadsheet application can easily read. Instead of manually copying all the data fields into a schedule I created a template which does this for you!

Step 1.
Convert the SonicLink audio to a CVS file using SL2HRM. Be sure SL2HRM uses the same decimal sign as your spreadsheet application.
Step 2.
Open the CVS file in your spreadsheet application, select all cells and copy.
Step 3.
Open the template and paste the copied data into the “Input sheet”, overwriting all previous data.
Step 4.
You will see all the relevant data nicely organized on the overview sheet and you can easily copy this information into the calendar sheet.

The template can be used for any year, just be sure you set it to the correct start date.
This version doesn’t have any automatically generated graphs, but I’ll probably add these later.
Download SL2HRM

Please note: SL2HRM is a windows application, but works well in Crossover for Mac and will probably work in other WINE variants such as DarWINE for PPC macs.

Update: I have refreshed the download link for the template.


8 thoughts on “Polar running-data in Excel

  1. Thanks Evert,

    Has this always been a feature of TrackRecord?

    I do like to add that TrackRecord will cost you EUR25. The alternatives are free (although not a native application).

  2. Hi mark!

    I tried to download your excel template, but couldn’t…
    Apparently, the url doesn’t exist anymore…
    Do you still have it somewhere?
    Thanks in advance!

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